Makeup Artist

A career as a makeup artist is both challenging and exciting. Challenging because you have to deal with various people with different skin colour and texture and exciting because there is huge satisfaction in transforming an ordinary person into one that perfectly fits a make-believe role. Then there is the matter of satisfaction where you help people look their best in the entire gamut of the entertainment world, from theatre, films, television, plays to concerts.

While creativity should surely be an integral in-born trait in you if you want to be a makeup artist, it is necessary that you sharpen you skill sets by taking up a professional course. You can opt for one of the many programmes offered in formal colleges, community colleges or universities. You will be able to master the many intricacies of makeup by doing so.

Here are a few skill sets that are necessary if you want to be a makeup artist.

Client service

You have to learn to work with a variety of people ranging from actors to models, from photographers to their models. The expectations of each will be entirely different and you have to understand their makeup needs. Hence it is required that you have strong communication skills too so that there is no misunderstanding with clients of what is needed from you and what you can deliver. You have to be extremely tactful when you suggest changes that you think will be beneficial for your clients. Rest assured, the people who you deal with often have king sized egos and it will not pay to ruffle their feathers.

This is why makeup artists often develop a close bonding with their clients who depend on makeup artists for advice in this field. For example, if a client asks you where a clinic for laser hair removal near me is, you should be prepared to answer at once since it pertains to the beauty business.


You should have an artistic temperament, a creative imagination and a heightened visual sense. It is necessary that you understand facial types both in structure and skin tone and texture. Only then will you be able to highlight them during makeup. You will constantly be working out in mind what to do and should not be afraid to experiment without making errors of judgement.

It is obligatory that you are well conversant in assessing a client’s skin type, colour and sensitivity. This will ultimately determine the shades and colour you use. You should also be able to study your client’s bone structure so as to highlight or downplay certain areas during makeup.

Stamina and strength

Strange as this may sound in a world of creativity, this should be one of the traits of a makeup artist. However, this is not uncommon in the beauty business. A dermatologist of acne scar treatment in Melbourne has to spend long hours on the feet attending to clients. So will you as a makeup artist. Further you cannot afford to let your concentration slip under pressure. You have to complete meticulous cosmetic jobs perfectly, regardless of the hour of the day or how many hours you have been on the job at a stretch.

A true makeup artist should b e able to solve problems of the production team, evaluate costs against benefits and structure new and innovative ideas regarding makeup. Once you have all these skill sets under your belt, you will be on your way to success.

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