Palm Tree Art

When you have set out to create your own palm tree art, there are two key factors here. The first is Observation and the next part is painting or creating the palm tree art. For any artist, art is more often than not recreating real life situations or objects – landscapes, the human form, inanimate objects et al. If you have an artist’s insight you can just paint from what you have seen of palm trees in your life. If not, you have to go out observe the trees thoroughly before trying out any art form.

The problem arises when you venture out. Palm trees do not grow everywhere and you just cannot expect to find them around the corner. They may be in a garden that you have never visited or a few miles from your home. The best option for you is to get in touch with tree removalists in Melbourne or in whichever city you might be living in to find out the location of palm trees in your vicinity.

Once you have the opportunity to see the real thing (as against browsing the Internet) observe carefully the basic shapes, texture, light, flow, shadows and the many colours that nature has bestowed on palm trees. Take plenty of photographs from various angles. It will help you when you start on your art work.

There are two aspects that you should focus on. The first is the trunk. Now, usually, the trunk of a palm tree rises straight into the sky. But you can put a dramatic twist to it in your art work by creating a bow or a curve to the trunk. This can be a slight curvature or a deep dramatic one, according to the effect that you want to portray. The more pronounced the curve, the more will be the illusion of movement or fluidity in the painting. Next, observe that the trunk is wider at the bottom so this must be incorporated into the art work.

The palm fronds should now be focussed on. Notice that the fronds grow from a central location on the trunk of the tree near the top. You will see that all the fronds are shaped like a bow and have a curve to them and that it is gradual and slopes gently towards the trunk. Of course you will see fronds that are straight but for the purpose of your palm art and to be in sync with the curved trunk that you have started with it is recommended that you keep frond shapes that are most common in the minds of viewers of your art. A slight bow or curve is the artist’s prerogative and creates an illusion of movement. It is another matter that arborists or tree services in Melbourne or any other location might not agree with your concept of a palm tree.

These are a few simple ways that you can create palm tree art.

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