If you are looking for authoritative blogs and write-ups on music and musicians, artists and art designs and paintings, Funky Caricatures should be your first halt.

What is the little “extra” that we offer on all fronts?

When you talk music, Funky Caricatures does not merely bring you the top of the charts. That’s everywhere and so repetitive and boring. Flick through any magazine or newspaper pages that has M (for music of course) splashed all over and the list will stare you in the face. Nothing new! But try out Funky Caricatures and you will get a different perspective to common run of the mill music reports.

We take you behind the scenes to the world of REAL music, the excitement and the action. Get the latest on your favourite music and what’s due for release soon, not to forget the people and the band behind it. Additionally, all the inside scoops and breaking news at your fingertips, much more than you bargained for.

And it’s not only music at Funky Caricatures, get into the art and artists’ real world seamlessly through our website. We bring you the latest from the art environment, the exhibitions, and the souls behind them – the artists themselves. We give you happenings in the art world cutting across national boundaries and time zones. Funky Caricatures is a platform that breaks news about the art industry including information of auctions from reputed houses across the globe and time zones as well as artists that are entering big time today.

Paintings and offering from artists form the backbone of our website. Browse through and take in the spirit of what we have to present in the paintings section. You’ll surely be asking for more.